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In today's rapidly changing world of technology the use of plastic has immensely increased and..


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the high density version of PE plastic and is harder and..


Climax brand High Density Polyethylene pipes replacing the conventional pipes like..


U.V.Stabilized Films plays an important role in the field of Agriculture.


Climax LDPE CAP Covers / Cover Tops / Tarpaulin are widely used for the scientific storage of..


The earliest of civilization used natural material to improve soil behaviour and to hold the soil.


Polyethylene’s safe, nontoxic properties makes Climax Sheet as ideal liner for the aquaculture.

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Climax Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.

Climax Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. (Climax) are one of the primary manufacturers of HDPE Sheets, High density polyethylene Films, HDPE Geomembrane, HDPE Liners, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Films, LDPE Sheets, LDPE Geomembrane, LDPE Liners, HDPE Pipes and Fittings, UV Stabilized Films, Cap Covers / Cover Tops and Tarpaulin.

A passion for environmental protection and a sincere endeavor to excel towards perfection has won us several accolades in our glorious past of over three decades. This is the result of the sincere efforts of our dedicated team working together for a common mission - "To meet our customers' expectations and provide high quality products and services for Environmental Protection, preserving precious Water Resources and for Agricultural applications".

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Water Management
Plastic film lining, when suitably used, can provide an answer to prevention of seepage losses. LDPE Film / Sheet linings have been successfully used in our country in the lining of small, medium as well as large size Ponds for water conservation.
Waste Management
Landfill is a method for final disposal of solid waste on land generated by man and machinery. Landfill can also be defined as a specially engineered site for disposing off solid waste on earth, constructed so that it will reduce hazard to public health and safety.
With the rise in construction in the coastal region and in the area where the water table is higher than the required level, foundation linings has not only become a need but also proved worth application in recent times.
Climax UV Films have proven to be highly economical and effective in controlled environmental Agriculture which is popularly known as Green House. Green house is the most cheapest and a long lasting way of protecting the green vegetation.