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Geonets called geospacers by some, constitute another specialized segment within the geosythetic area. Geonet are usually formed by a continuous of parallel sets of polymeric ribs at acute angles to one another. When the ribs are opened, relatively large apertures are formed into a netlike configuration. Their design function is completely within the drainage area where they have been used to convery fluids of all types.
Applications of Geonet
Geonets as described above are used almost exclusively for their drainage capability. As such, they are single-function geosynthetics. The following uses have been documented in the literature.
  • Water drainage behind retaining walls
  • Water drainage of speeing rock slopes
  • Water drainage beneath sport fields
  • Water drainage of frost-susceptible soils
  • Water drainage beneath building foundations
  • Water drainage of plaza decks
  • Leachate drainage of landfill side slopes
  • Leachate drainage above landfill liners
  • Surface water drainage within landfill caps
  • As a drainage blanket beneath a surcharge fill