Impermeable Climax Geomembrane Liner has been used in many applications for prevention of seepage which results in pollution.  Many municipalities or industrial facilities rely on aeration to treat, reduce or eliminate sewage of liquid waste. This aeration will typically take place in a single or series of ponds.
Climax HDPE Geomembrane  Liner provides the containment to protect the soil and ground water beneath this ponds.  Climax HDPE Geomembrane Liner is a preferred material used in this application due to its long time service life, excellent physical properties and resistance to the chemicals.  India, being the tropical country, solar radiation is available in plenty during most of the year, enables the industries to use the solar evaporation ponds as a simple and economical treatment system. Presence of TDS in the treated effluent discharge by the industries poses a great danger to the agricultural lands where Climax HDPE  Geomembrane liner works as a perfect barrier to stop contamination of soil and underground water


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