Plastic film lining, when suitably used, can provide an answer to prevention of seepage losses. LDPE Film / Sheet linings have been successfully used in our country in the lining of small, medium as well as large size Ponds for water conservation. LDPE Film / Sheet lining materials are both economical and easy to use. When properly handled, these films can have reasonably long and useful life. 
The Studies indicate that seepage can be reduced from 50% or more in case of earthen ponds up to nearly 100% for LDPE Film / Sheet lined ponds. It helps not only to mitigate erosion and vegetative intrusion, but also leakage is greatly reduced as compared to any other system. From 5 Years Govt. of INDIA, Department of Horticulture encouraging farmers to make Community Pond with lining under their subsidy scheme.


  •  Prevents Seepage losses.
  • Provides water for critical irrigation.
  • Overcome drinking water scarcity.
  • Checks salinity migration.
  • Non-contamination of brackish water.


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