Landfill is a method for final disposal of solid waste on land generated by man and machinery.  Landfill can also be defined as a specially engineered site for disposing off solid waste on earth, constructed so that it will reduce hazard to public health and safety.
Some quality includes – an impermeable lower layer to block the movement of leachate into ground water, a leachate collection system, gravel layers permitting the control of gas like methane and  daily covering of garbage with soil to prevent air pollution.

Types of Solid Waste Landfills

  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSW)
  • Bio Reactors  / Nuclear Waste Landfill
  • Construction / Demolition Debris Landfill
  • Industrial Hazardous Waste Landfill
Climax Geomembrane plays a very crucial role in the designing and functioning of  Solid Waste Landfills. The function of Climax Geomembrane / Liner is to prevent passage of Leachate to the subsoil.  This is achieved by placing a HDPE Liner Layer at the base of the Landfill.  Climax  HDPE Geomembrane Liner is an excellent product for large applications such as landfills that require UV and Ozone resistance, Chemical resistance and high quality installation.

Climax HDPE Geomembrane Liner is a primary material of choice for the reasons

  • Provided in large factory fabricated panels to minimize field seaming requirements and installation cost.
  • Good weldability
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • Good impact resistance to overcome mechanical damages


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