Approved processes for field seaming and repairing are extrusion welding and fusion welding. All welding equipment shall have accurate temperature monitoring devise to ensure proper measurement of the welding temperatures.

Fusion Process

This process shall be used for seaming panels together and is not generally used for patching or detail work. The apparatus shall be of a hot wedge type and is commonly equipped with 'Split Wedge' to allow air pressure seam testing.
Fusion welding equipment shall be self propelled devised and shall be equipped with functioning wedge temperature and seaming speed controllers to assure proper control by the welding technician.

Extrusion Process

The process shall be used primarily for repairs, patching and special detail fabrication. This method is also useful to connect new panels to previously installed liner that does not have an exposed edge capable of being fusion welded.
The extrusion welding apparatus (hand welder) shall be equipped with temperature monitoring devise.


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