In the region where water table is very high it has been observed that the water penetrate the foundation wall and enters in to the  basement of the building.  In industries the water enters in the trenches which are made to pass the hot air generated from the machines due to which production is affected and chances of spark in wiring increases as often these trenches have heavy wires.   If proper lining like Climax HDPE / LDPE sheets are provided, water can be prevented from entering the trenches  and  in basements of residential and commercial complexes.
In chemical industries floor lining in the storage area is a must as the hazardous chemicals spill from the storage devises there by contaminating the floor.  This cause  dangerous health hazards to the human life and also increase the threat to water pollution in the nearby waterbodies. Climax HDPE Liners are a handy solution to line the floor and check the contamination / pollution effectively.


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