One of the most important operations in installation of HDPE pipes is jointing and fittings. With the good welding properties of HDPE pipes it is possible to provide completely leak-proof sewerage systems, a point which becoming increasingly important for preserving the purity of soil and underground water. The well established butt-welding method of jointing is also suitable for sewer pipes, and even in difficult site conditions appropriate equipment ensures the exact observance of conditions essential to high quality butt-welding. The most useful detachable joint is the loose flange type with welded prefabricated rim or the cone-supported flange joints i.e. our compressed joint.

Detachable Joints

These are almost exclusively supported screw joints. Two pipes are joined basically by tightening ring and coupling nut are slid over the two Pipe Ends which are then heated to 125 - 130°C, expanded with a wooden taper pug, and pressed onto the cone insert. The joint is formed by the tightening ring already on the pipe being drawn over the cone insert by the coupling nut.
Another form of jointing is by fixed and loose flange method. In this method PIPE ENDS, a specially fabricated rim sections are used. Pipe ends are fabricated from sheet or pipe or may be injection molded. The loose flange is first fitted, and the Pipe End then welded to the pipe by butt - welding method. The joint is formed by the flanges already on the pipe being drawn by the coupling nut.

Permanent Pipe Joints

The simplest and quickest way to make permanent pipe joints is by welding method. Suitable equipments can be made available on orders. The two pipe faces to be welded are carefully cleaned in advance, are held lightly pressed against the both surface of heating mirror (for "CLIMAX" Brand HDPE Pipes the welding temperature is 200°C).
Butt welding of HDPE Pipe is a permanent joining method by the homogeneous fusion of pipe material under heat pressure. The welding is performed within the temperature range for fusion HDPE MATERIAL. Perfectly welded joints are as strong as the parent pipe material itself. 
Pipes upto 110 mm outer diameter can be welded manually.
Welding machines and accessories have been developed in such a way that the welding process for small as well as large diameter pipes has become very easy.


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