In a coal based Thermal Power Station, the Ash disposal pond or lagoon should not be a source of pollution on the land and water.  This can be ensured by providing liner in the base area that prevent the seepage of the dykes where the ash water comes in contact.   Lining in ash pond is recommended where ground permeability is high and to keep leachate percolation as minimum as possible.
Ash pond Lining is a basic necessity. The main objective of the lining is to economize and to prevent the ingress of effluent water that  contains high concentration of Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium and Sulphite etc… in the soil or the surrounding water bodies.

Basically there are two types of ash produced in Thermal Power Plants

  • Bottom Ash – collected through boilers will be coarse in nature and since it is very hot, it can be handled only in the water medium initially, hence produce leachate
  • Fly Ash – ash collected at the electro static precipitators will finer in nature, possesses pozzolanic properties and can be used as a replacement of cement
Climax LDPE / HDPE Liner in thickness from 500 to 1000 microns are ideal to serve the purpose and been widely used by various thermal power units in India.


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